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Welcome to the 4th Annual Music City Head Race. The event will take place on Saturday, October 12th on the Cumberland River in Nashville, Tennessee.  The event is being hosted by Vanderbilt University and Nashville Rowing Club.  We look forward to having you in Nashville for this great event.

Trailer Parking


Trailer parking will be in LOT R of Nissan Stadium (see map in this packet).  We will have overnight security on the evening of Friday, October 11thth.  Trailers can start arriving in the morning on Friday, October 11th.  All trailers must depart the lot no later than 8pm on Saturday, October 12th.  If your trailer driver is waiting until Sunday morning to depart Nashville (or would like to arrive on Thursday, October 10th), please contact Cory Sanderson (juniors and masters) or Jon Miller (colleges) to arrange a place to park your trailer for Saturday if you require assistance.

Practice on the course on Friday, Oct 11th


The course will be open for practice from 1pm-6pm on Friday, October 12th.  No boats will be permitted to launch after 5:15pm.  No coaches launches will be permitted on the river during the practice.  We will have safety launches on the water during the practice session.

Coaches & Coxswains


A coaches and coxswains meeting will occur at 6:35AM on Saturday morning (October 12th).  The location of the meeting will be the grass area in between the trailer parking lot and the launching area.

Rules of Racing

1. Each missed buoy will be a penalty of 10 seconds.

2. All crews must yield to faster crews, shifting over to provide the shortest path to the overtaking crew once the crew who is overtaking is within 1 both length of open water.  Failure to yield in a timing manner will result in a 30 second penalty.


Novice Events

A novice competitor is defined as a rower or coxswain who has not rowed or coxed prior to July 1, 2019.  Collegiate 1st year rowers who competed in high school are eligible as novice in their first year of collegiate competition.


Lightweight Events:

The following weight limits apply per USRowing rules:

  • Female Youth and Collegiate Rowers will have a maximum weight of 130 lbs.

  • Male Youth Rowers will have a maximum weight of 150 lbs.

  • Male Collegiate Rowers will have a maximum weight of 160 lbs.

  • There will be no boat averaging for any lightweight categories, as with USRowing Rules.


Bow Draw

The bow draw will be shared by Thursday, October 9th, or earlier.  The order will be determined based on the 2018 Music City Head Race Results.  We will guarantee that any A and B eights entries will be placed in the order of which they finished the prior year.  For the fours, we guarantee that any A, B and C fours will be placed in the order of which they finished the prior year.  After those guarantees, any remaining entries are subject to the potential to be placed after any new A and B entries in the 8 and any new A, B and C entries in the fours.


Launching & Recovering


As we did last year, we will have a dock for launching and recovering (as opposed to wet launching).  New this year, we will have additional dock, as well as more gravel on the bank down to the dock.  Due to the volume the docks will be experiencing, we ask that you please approach the water with your oarlock gates already open in order to speed up the process.  It is also recommended to have one person carrying oars (for a four and pair) and two people carrying oars for an eight. 

Race Course


The map of the racecourse is available on the website as well.  Please have your coxswains and bowmen familiarize themselves with the launching/recovering pattern and the traffic pattern on the water.  We will have several volunteers on land and several launches on the water to assist with this effort.



As we did in 2018, we will be utilizing Herenow timing.



We will be awarding medals for all races.  Medals will be available as results become official.  You can pick up your medals from the control commission tent.

River Closure and Current


The river will be closed for the practice session on Friday and for all racing on Saturday.  We will have volunteer launches on the water for the practice session on Friday.  We will have the Coast Guard Auxiliary and volunteer launches on the water on Saturday.  The Army Corp of Engineers has agreed to reduce the current as much as possible.  The weather the few days leading up to the regatta and a few other factors will impact how much control we have over the current.  Expect the current slow-down will be prioritized for race day first and the practice session second.  The course does run in the direction of the current, so the boats will be warming up against the current and racing with the current.  Please keep this in mind when launching your crews and planning your row up to the start line.



The entry fees are $95 for an eight, $70 for a four/quad, $50 for a pair/double and $35 for a single.  Credit card payment over RegattaCentral is strongly preferred.  If you do need to make out a check, please make checks payable to Nashville Rowing Club. Note: you will not be able to pick up your bow numbers until you have submitted payment.  We will be providing receipts as check in. 

Check In


Check in will be available from 3pm-6pm on Friday and 6am-9am on Saturday.  Bow numbers will be provided in your team’s packet when you check in.  The packets will include a bow number for the bow deck, one for the back of bow seat and one for the back of the coxswain (or the front of the stroke seat in a bow coxed four).

Weigh Ins


Weigh Ins for lightweight rowers will be available at control commission on Friday afternoon (1pm-6pm) and on Saturday morning (6am to 10am).  Coxswains will not be weighing in.




The parking lot for the trailers is shared with the parking lot with the Nashville Bridge Building.  The best way to navigate is to use the address: 2 Victory Ave #100 Nashville, TN 37213.  The trailers will park in the northwest and northeast quadrant of parking lot R.  Athlete parking will be in the southern quadrant of lot R.  Overflow parking will be available in parking lot N and P. Buses will park in Lot T. We will have volunteers assisting you with parking.  Note that there is a $5 fee to park.  Everyone needs to pay this fee.  Please prepare for it now.

Emergency procedures (should there be inclement weather)


This will be covered during the coaches and coxswains meeting on Saturday morning.


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